Cristi Cons, Glassdance EP – AMP004


Indulge yourself into a sinful feeling of a not yet perceived emotion driven from sounds not heard before, but felt, created and played by someone special, someone who knows what proficiency means to music enthusiasts. His name is Cristi Cons, a Romanian artist whose skills amaze with each passing day. Glassdance EP is drawing new limits for experimentation in electronic music. Thought to bring together versatile orchestral sounds and classical influences on modern, but meditational hertz, Glassdance is another icon for Amphia, a label conceived out of a legend and led by Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia in such a way that it now stands for limitless imagination.

Impossibilities do not exist in the world of music and Cristi Cons saw that well when he created Glassdance EP, a crystal clear vinyl twinning of influences, genres and emotions.

Juno release date: 20 May 13

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