Cristi Cons, Suspecte EP [EKLO027]

Cristi Cons is now part of the Eklo family thanks to his latest 12” EP – Suspecte. Based in Paris, Eklo Records has been created by the French DJ Seuil and is an ace in releasing deep modern house music. A high-class musical universe that has no limits is now open just for you.

This two sided EP that will be released on the 30th of November will create a real hysteria among those who truly love house music and all its meanings. Cristi Cons proves through his two tracks – Recognize Me and Suspecte that he keeps on creating quality underground music with the same passion.

Cristi Cons’s career is dedicated first of all to electronic music production. He is running the Amphia Label together with Vlad Caia, but he is also talented as a DJ and he demonstrates that with the vibration effects of his unique sounds.

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