Cristi Cons to release “Basorelief” EP on Meander label soon

Cristi Cons’s latest vinyl will be released on 15 April on the Meander label, so you’d better prepare yourselves for an explosive set of three tracks.

The Meander label usually selects talented minimalistic and techno artists and their unique sound design makes the releases stand out. Altough it’s Cons’s first release on the Meander label, we are sure that the Basorelief EP will reveal once again his passion for basslines and deep grooves.

Cristi Cons [a:rpia:r] runs the Amphia label together with another talented romanian artists, Vlad Caia.

His past tunes surely made everyone smile and it’s certain that his latest three tracks released on the Basorelief EP (on side A –Anatrack, on side B – Change and You Know) will make no exception.

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