Dadub to release “Way to Moksha”

With “Way to Moksha“, Dadub carefully collate legacies of philosophical thought and transpose them into a brilliantly deep EP. The first track ‘Perseverance‘ is  a slick slice of bass that writhes and twists around a syncopated core. ‘Temptation of Maya‘ seizes at the act of perception and what is captured is perfect for the mellow confusion of a Sunday morning while ‘Beyond the Veil‘ which crackles towards a sense of enlightenment. The EP closes with a golden moment of contentment, ‘Moksha‘. The track titles hint at the search for revelation, which is rendered in countless experimental layers and finely wrought details. The release is a peek into the conceptual framework that Dadub engage with to create their vision. And just as their central image, Maya, is intangible in the perceptible universe, the tracks seem to erupt from an equally mystical place: molten, dark and fathomlessly deep.

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