Dan Andrei – Parcul Cosmos LP Review


Dan Andrei breaks the one year silence of [a:rpia:r] since Raresh‘s ”Vivaltu” with his double ”Parcul Cosmos”. It’s one of the the most substantial outings yet, being the second album length release on [a:rpia:r] label.

On side A 1 Saturat – > First track starts with a cartonish beat, the loops have a space feeling, almost like an introduction to the whole LP. It’s like the trailer for ARPIAR 14 where you will be guided into the trip in the moment you press play.

A2 Crash122 – > The second track on side A has a calm feeling attached to it, with the UFO landing sounds from the back to the rough bass line that even though it’s rough it’s more like a threat than a real hit. It doesn’t hit you, it goes by you by a few mm away, just like the movement of rotation from a real UFO. Lovely swing, with elegance and full control.

B1 Fuzzy se intoarce – > meaning the Fuzzy returns, (making a reference from Star Wars Return of the Jedi). The sounds are aligned in order to give you the right feeling . This track gives you the sound of an alien abduction filled with mechanical sounds and computer lag to complete the action.

B2 – Fara Vanilie Va rog -> No Vanilla translated takes the evil space sounds and combines them with the beat that would make you join the dark side. A side to pick and a fight between forces, where in the very end the Evil wins.

C1 – Logic -> has such a nice beat filled with flighty loops that make you a dreamer through the Universe itself. So yeah, it’s logical that even if we are small specks on the surface of our Planet, once you close your eyes, the music becomes our whole universe.

C2- Spine – One of my favorite tracks from this LP, it has comforting string sounds that are transformed into soft sounds of love, compassion and sensitive movements. It really gives you shivers through your spine, it’s a song that moves you, your feet and your mind.

D1 – Lumo – > like the whole EP, but mostly like track C1, it has the type of spacey nice beat. But this time you won’t be going forward, you will be traveling back in time with full speed. A track that makes you dig through your past memories.

D2 – Dnd‘s nice beat is followed by the gentle piano on the background this track, a beat that doesn’t stop you from dancing and it just takes you to a more comforting place.

Release date was 18th December, when Star Wars latest episode was also released. Meant or not Dan Andrei’s latest album “Parcul Cosmos” perfectly combines our life’s harmonious feelings with his unique musical touch.

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