Dani Casarano, Nightclubber Podcast 83

Dani Casarano is a bona fide DJ/producer who has traversed this planet in search of perfect beats since the late ’90s. His perpetual swing is informed by a seductive musicality that, without fail, lifts spirits and stirs feet. Born in Switzerland, he was based out of Santiago, Chile for over a decade, before returning back to his roots. Now signed to Melisma/Cadenza.

Besides solo work, Dani regularly forms a DJ/production partnership with Chile’s Felipe Valenzuela. They are akin to brothers, born just one day apart, and have signed music to such labels as, among others, Safari Electronique, Remake Musique and Fumakilla. They produce lush funky sounds with earthy Latin American and African undertones.

Details here.

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