Dasha Redkina, interview before her first gig in Robert Johnson

This Friday is another occasion to see a special party hosted by the famous club Robert Johnson from Offenbach, Germany with Arpiar‘s finest Petre Ispirescu, Priku and lovely Dasha Redkina.

Being aware of this club reputation and glad that another night is entertained, by the ones we love for the way of understanding music and sharing it to the crowd, found this moment appropriate for asking Dasha some short questions before the event.

So tell me Dasha, how was your first encounter with this really great club?

Well my first encounter with Robert Johnson was totally by chance. Me and my best friends at that time visited a friend in Amsterdam, who drove us to Frankfurt for a weekend of parties. We went to Cocoon and then Robert Johnson, which seemed much more comfortable to be honest. It was pretty much the first year we started to listen to this kind of music and we had randomly downloaded a recording from the internet of Richie and Ricardo from Robert Johnson that was 1 hour of intense listening which we did over and over again, so in April 2005 we went back to RJ. That’s where we had been suspended under a mind-blowing experience of music listening. Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin playing b2b for 12 hours, place packed with people and us, 20 year old girls freaking out continuously, because it was something so new and undiscovered up to such a professional level. Of course at that time we didn’t have much experience.

I see the first nights there, are well remembered, what makes RJ so special and different?

It’s just a small room from the first impression but that room is all about the quality of sound. The sound system is all around you – on the floor, above you, front and back. It just swallows you. And there is nothing else you need. The crowd is there just for that, for listening. Nobody behaves awkward or annoying and i really appreciate the balcony behind the DJ booth, because i don’t smoke and it’s great to be able to go outside for fresh air.

How often do you go there to party, because i see it’s a best choice as you are describing the atmosphere there, plus we know about the gigs with Arpiar?

Yes, i’ve been back mainly for Arpiar parties, and of course it has been very good every time. A very cosy atmosphere and exceptional music. I think artists really appreciate playing in RJ, so they really make an extra effort to express themselves their best. It’s a very deep musical experience in there.

So you loved the club from the start, came back for the perception of music, so how do you feel about playing here for the first time?

I’m going to be honest here – very nervous! Have an anxious “butterfly’party in my stomach”. Could never imagine to be on the other side of the dancefloor in RJ !  Also curious about the rotary mixer, which i haven’t experienced yet. Everyone tells me it’s very good for precise and smooth mixing, which is what I like to do , so it’s going to be interesting technically also.

Thank you Dasha for sharing these answers, we wish you a stunning night on Friday.

Thank you too, bye.

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