Dasha Redkina, Nightclubber Podcast 24

For Dasha it has been an adventurous musical journey beginning with a teenage stompaphunk obsession in Brighton [UK], then going through seasons in Ibiza exposed to new musical discoveries, leading on traveling through Europe’s best electronic events to listen, learn and find record shops to begin collecting the big black discs.

Based in London to complete university and working at a local record shop helped build her collection and refine her musical taste. However the party scene of London has never been so appealing to her and its not until her recent return to her homeland Russia that she has found grounds to express herself best. A regular at the ARMA club of Moscow and selectively performing at key musical events such as Sunwaves Festival, Berlin’s ‘club der visionaire‘ and Wilde Renate, Kazantip fest and Ibiza underground.

As well as spinning vinyl, she is also a visual artist, having finished Sound&Film course at university, currently working on various film and video projects and as a photographer and writer for Petre Inspirescu´s label Yojik ConCon.

Although we tend to follow a specific line , when it comes to electronic music it’s hard maybe even imposible to be selfish . Fortunately there are times like these when you have to write the post for a podcast and it involves an artist that you really like and look up to , maybe that’s why it’s a big pleasure for me to give you our 24th Nightclubber Podcast featuring  Dasha Redkina .

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