David Nicolas, Maloma EP Review [KUSI001]

Over the years David Nicolas has worked on many many projects which are based in Mannheim, and yet he still didn’t get the sightliness he really deserves and that is why it’s worth investigating.

Together with Sebstian Werle both have allied forces and started the project called Sedee where they released on record labels such as Malonian, 87 Records, Neostrictly, Valioso Rec and Medeia Record. From dj’ing in the most various clubs in their own country, Sedee have joined festivals like Sonus in Croatia, Mekitburn Festival in Belgium and the magical Waha festival in Romania.

KUSI Records refined debut is signed by David Nicolas combined with a remix of Barac.

The A side, ‘Maloma‘ is a groovy, dulcet track with elements that have been carefully constructed and accurately put into the right place. The melody and effective percussion which are combined with occasional deep vocal samples underline the impelling and driving rhythm of the track. The establishing melody and spacey tones evoke a certain path and is steady felt throughout the track. Those grasping harmonies are slowly developing a journey that are giving a sense of effortlessness and lightweight profoundness.

Coming on the B Side is Barac‘s remix of the same track which is a real journey and beautiful interpretation of the track. By simply starting with the base line, Barac introduces a even heavier sense of enticing mystery and manages to create a vibe which is dark and light at the same time. The present and deep captured base line lay the signature of this track and when listening to it, it almost seems as if the track has got three different parts which awaken the feeling of being in another dimension. The overlaying elements of ringing sound combined with the heavy base line and the constant progression of those ambient sounds bestow a flowing and constant note of comfort that makes you want to drift away on the dance floor.

You can order the first KUSI Records release from deejay.de


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