DeWalta, Sziget Festival 13th August 2011

With a background like DeWalta’s, the stage was set long ago for this yougin to blast some serious holes in the fabric of music, time, and space. DeWalta a.k.a. David Koch budded from a large family in southern Germany filled with theater, literature, and music.

DeWalta continued to expand his studio, improved his production skills, and advanced his productions. By 2007 he founded his Meander label and began releasing his first electronic records. Just a year later long time friend and Vakant big daddy snapped up David leading to the drop of the ‘Salgaro/Farina’ EP (VA021) on the world’s dance floors. With a bass presence not easily described in words and the musical expanse that floats on top of his debut Vakant release, DeWalta became instantly known to all those seeking massive funk with their freak. With so much music already under his belt and the platform that is Vakant, we envision a mad scramble of the world’s sound technicians to technically accommodate such a talent in the time to come.

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