Dogtown presents Get Perlonized on 7th December

With no set agenda, the Dogtown venues happen in unexpected places (in this case with guestlist access only) or highly selected clubs.

In 2011, João Maria has decided to enlarge the Dogtown crew with someone who shares with him the same beliefs in what regards to the music scene.This has already result in some special invitations that for now, Dogtown prefer not to reveal.

Most important than anything at Dogtown, is celebrating “music for the sake of music”.

Thomas Franzmann aka Zip aka Dimbiman, co-founder of the label Perlon, is familiar with the dancefloors around the world and famous for his tremendous minimal shifts within the 4/4 scheme. He has an illustrious musical history which began in 1986 as singer in the band Second Voice. In 1992 he moved to Frankfurt and joined the EBM band Bigod 20. After several releases the band split. In 1996 he got together with Markus Nikolai and Chris Rehberger to form the audio-visual project Pile. In 1997 he and Nikolai founded the Perlon label, on which he has released under the pseudonyms Dimbiman, Pantytec (with Sammy Dee) and Narcotic Syntax (with James Dean Brown). In 1999 the SuPERLONgevity compilation was released, featuring ‘Bushes’, a track that has since garnered chart-topping remixes from the likes of Derrick Carter and Fatboy Slim.

Few DJs and producers have credentials quite like Sammy Dee’s. A longtime fixture of Berlin’s club scene, a cornerstone of the esteemed Perlon imprint and a regular DJ and Panorama Bar and Club der Visionaere, his taste and signature style could hardly be more well-honed. Earlier this year, he created a new platform for his unique take on house and techno: Ultrastretch, a label that hit the ground running with a 12-inch by Matthew Burton. Slick, modern and touched with surrealism, the record had all of the unique flavor one would expect from a label by Sammy, proving his skills as a selector extend well beyond the DJ booth.

João Maria has a long history, with music. 1997 was the year he decided to move to London, where he left himself gird into the music scene and playing from one gig to an other until 2003, year he decided to return to his birth land, Portugal.

Since 2007 João Maria has been responsible for the bookings of the Electronic Line-Ups for the two Major Festivals in Portugal and can he considered as one of the main responsible promoters for his birth land to know labels like Perlon, Hello?Repeat or [a:rpia:r].

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