Dorian Paic to release “Excited” on Assemble Music

Assemble Music is a new label from Lisbon that will release vinyl only. Their debut release will be out in February and will be signed by Dorian Paic, a release titled “Excited“, and will contain three tracks.

Sometimes the dancefloor just needs to be told what’s what, and the message in ‘Excited’ couldn’t be any clearer: the vocal’s unhinged affirmations (“Acid! I am excited!”) matching what the bassline has already established with unnerving directness, before mid-track rave sirens bring an added touch of 90’s UK hedonism to the party.

Shakre’ is a more cosmopolitan affair, taking the tracky practicality of Frankfurt/Mannheim house and imbuing it with the refined sense of space you’d expect from a Robert Johnson resident – it’s a set builder for sure.

Paic’s precision is offset in typically otherworldly style by Perlon’s Mayaan Nidam on the flip, though with source material this mean it’s no wonder her oscillating, swung remix of ‘Excited’ reaches ever darker and wilder depths as it progresses.

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