Dubtil’s debut on Understand label – Ebandogue EP

Releasing not very often, Understand has always kept things in the dark about what is going to happen next. The wait is over and the fifth instalment of the series is named Ebandogue and features 3 tracks from Dubtil, one of today’s best producers in the Bucharest underground.

Ruling side A is Opus Ebant, an epic masterpiece, driven by a groovy bassline and subtle male choirs. This heavenly atmosphere goes from trippy to driving back and forth making it perfect for a peaktime moment that won’t be forgotten. May also be used in some worship places.

Debandada and Epilogue share side B and besides the producer himself that is almost everything they share. Debandada is kind of dark and experimental but full of energy in the same time with weird whispers and evolving hats keeping everything on the move. Epilogue has a more positive approach, the general uplifing feeling is spiked ocasionally with a techno resonator and some background synths, and just like that, the random delayed male vocals make it so more interesting.

credits: ourown.ro

A Opus Ebant
B1 Debandada
B2 Epilogue

Pre-sale started
Release date: 14.07.2015


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