Dudley Strangeways, 5 Favorite Leftback Releases

Founded in 2014 by Dudley Strangeways and Michael McLardy, Leftback Records has since morphed into one of the UK’s most consistent and forward-thinking record labels. Now helmed solely by Dudley Strangeways (aka Nottingham-based producer Mark Pearson), the label has gone from strength-to-strength since its inaugural releases, with music by the likes of David Gtronic, Dragosh, Randall M, tIJN and Dudley himself very much indicative of the point. Although theirs is an increasingly diverse and extensive catalogue, there are few people better qualified to talk us through some of the imprint’s highlights than Dudley. Without further ado, here are the main man’s picks…

Dragosh – Josum

What can I say about this record other than It’s just a fuckin rude tune! I’d been playing Dragosh’s stuff for a while his track “Brinit” on Brouquade always used to work well. I think Dragosh has something very unique in the way he puts together his tracks. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that his music is fairly rough in terms of production and mix, but this shows his character in what he does. It’s obvious he has a real passion for his craft and this shows through, plus his tracks always work really well through system “Josum” especially.

CNTRL – Lopitch

Bassss. Wicked track from CNTRL who is a massively talented producer one of the best I know with his many aliases, his output is crazy numerous releases that you would never know were his works. I played the demo of “Lopitch” for a few months before I was sent the file for mastering and it always went down well, it was a must for the EP. It just comes at you with a swirl of excitement before the bass drops from the first break, class tune.

Annie Errez – SJV

I was more than happy to get a track from Annie for the new Internal Connections release, which focuses on bringing new artists to the label. Annie has been a good friend for some time and we always have a wicked time when we visit her. I’d been asking her for music for a while and she sent through a few tracks to choose from with SJV being one of them and feel it works well as the first cut on the new 12”.

Harry MCanna & DTG “Subdivisions”

This was an unfinished track when it was sent but the vibe of it was great, it was part of out mix CD vol.1 that was released with all exclusive material form the label, then as a two part vinyl sampler a few months later. We were into Harry’s stuff for a while he did some nice stuff on “Fear of Flying” amongst other labels. DTG is a close friend and have been trying to pressure him into releasing some of his music for some time before he sent this track. He’s kind of a rain man when it comes to making music, he has rough demos that I’ve offered to put out as they are but still hasn’t give me the ok to do so! The track evolves throughout into a different beast at times but the heavy sub remains with the snappy percussion pushing it along great track to mix as well.

OCH “OH Far Me”

OCH’s a real solid producer and I’m a big fan of his label “AutoReply”, which has just released a wicked 12’ marking 10 years from Dana Ruh. OCH was booked to play one of our early label parties and got to know him a little better over a few beers in an old mans pub (Shit hole) in Derby. This is A1 from the first VA released on the label and is the most dance floor focused cut on the 12’. With a real catchy lead line that pops through making the track very distinctive when mixed in. This always gets the people moving and great to drop to change the energy in a set. A track that’s not played so much now as it’s a few years old but makes an appearance from time to time on special occasions.

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