Dusty Baron / Sai / Ponty Mython – Keeping The Child Feeling EP [ARMA06]

Dreams of poetry and moving sets of illusions meet to unravel the spirit of Arma17 from Russia. To be more precise, the spirit of Arma, the label that has just reached its 6th released volume, one brought into existence by Dusty Baron, Sai and Ponty Mython.

The beauty of this vinyl only release lies within the equilibrium of the sound sequences and within the powerful voice tone. Everything is a sea of tranquility, a meditative space where nothing is left to chance.

Part of the clubbing world of Russia for some time now, Arma17 found its ways of expression through its own label, one which started with Anton Zap, Easy Changes, dOP and Piticu and continues now with Dusty Baron or the Latecomer. He is accompanied by names like Sai and Ponty Mython, out of Russia. The four tracked vinyl release Keeping the Child Feeling or ARMA06 is released today.

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