Easy Changes, Nightclubber Podcast 51

For this week Nightclubber Podcast moves the compass to Russia, the eastern part of the techno scene. Denis Guttersnipe and Kilrill Sil, better know as Easy Changes  continue to develop their style through the unique symbiosis of their back to back playing always connected to what’s next in sound and mood currents.

In just two years they grabbed the worldwide attention of techno music lovers and already released on underground labels like Foundsound, Konque, Stock 5, Multivitamins, Igloo and more. This fact influenced but also gave inspiration for the music production, that is in a progressing loop, continuing to be admired and appreciated by the techno fans all over the world.

The duo stands behing Nervmusic, first and one of the most underground labels coming from Russia’s scene. Being the main core of the label, they already signed artists like Andrey ZotsCabanneLouerPheek and more.

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