Epilog label, based in Offenbach am Main welcomes Marc Philipp and his Rezo EP

After their great and successful first release Sascha Dive – NUMBER SEVEN EP they are very proud to introduce the upcoming REZO EP from Marc Philipp. Rezo EP is a three track Vinyl EP.

A1 side Rezo is a great number in the league and vibe of big stage hits with its slightly trancy elements and powerful acid bass line and gets you in a spacy hypnotic mood.

B1 side Dikam is a classic “Sunday-chill-on-the-beach” track but it works also in the club. It has a slow breaking beat with a warm organ.

B2 side Aechel is more experimental and reflects the surrounding of Offenbach am Main where also Marc Philipp‘s studio is based.

Words: Epilog Records

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