Epivtet, Nightclubber Podcast 025

On the continuingly changing scene of electronic music, a young man gifted with ambition and a great passion for music tries to be recognized, to persevere. His name is Vlad Hălmăcianu or Epivtet ,  from Bacau , Romania , that deserves to be listened and watched. He experiments in the area of minimal, techno or house, an organic, palpable and representative style for him. The consecrated Raresh, from Arpiar, had a spiritual role in his development. The place where it all started for him as a dj was Club Zebra , in 2011.

Although Epivtet is very young his material is very ellaborated and we think you should all get a listen to what he has to “say”. Enjoy our latest Nightclubber Podcast featuring the talented Epivtet .

More info here.

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