E/Tape, Nightclubber Sideways 004

If you don’t know what Nightclubber Sideways is about, there’s a little explanation … we are devoted to interesting and unusual musical instruments and sound sources of all kinds. Focused on abstract, experimental and non-mainstream this is our try to invite artists that can surprise us all.

Our 4th edition of Nightclubber Sideways, and the first one this year, is signed by the talented slovenian artists E/Tape from the Jesus Loved You roster. E/Tape was surrounded by music almost all of his life and, while collecting more and more, started to have a more deeper meaning, a really deep pleasant space.

As you will notice in the minutes to come, his talent in manipulating soundscapes is truly remarkable as well as this podcast capability of inducing a true sense of weightlessness.

Details here.

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