Federico Molinari – Pildoras EP

Federico Molinari never stops ! His new Pildoras EP, released in May 2013 on Oslo Records label contains two tracks that are very well produced focused on extraordinary housed up beats.

Pildoras - the opening track – simply hypnotizes the audience for 8 minutes with pitched vocals, precise snares and deep musical stabs. Molinari uses the bassline and some uplifting vibes for more than 10 minutes in his second track – Vacas.

Federico Molinari is one of the co-founders of Oslo Records and he represents high quality house music. Furthermore, he took his love for music into another dimension with his progressive and independent attitude.

Altough Oslo Records is quite a small and independent record label, it has managed so far to release some amazing records for several artists from all over the world, such as NoiDoi, Mara Trax, Christian Burkhardt or Guillaume.

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