Ferro to launch “Time Will Tell” EP on VBX

After 3 years of hosting and co-hosting several successful events the guys at VBX decided to expand their musical horizon in the form of a vinyl only label. None other then VBX mainstay Ferro is responsible for the kickoff EP. >Time Will Tell< perfectly showcases the various facets of Ferro‘ s musical persona.

The a-side track >Time< is the most introspective and hypnotic on this EP. The background atmospherics swell and fall, while the rhythm steadily chugs forward, slowly making you lose your sense of time. The growling sounds and heavy kicks that form the backbone of >Mushin< make this track the most straightforward club banger of the bunch, while still maintaining an edge through the intricate sampling of Armand van Helden’ s The Funk Phenomenon >Opening The Seven<

Nagging vocal snips serve as a melodic hook while distorted rhythmical elements give the track its typical Ferro sense of swing.

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