Francesco Del Garda, Nightclubber Podcast 41

Whether it was a liveset, a podcast or a production, Francesco del Garda is an artist we enjoyed very much. In fact we enjoyed his style so much we had to feature him on one of our Nightclubber Podcast episodes. We will let  you find more about him in the below interview and his wonderfull sound on our 41th episode of Nightclubber Podcast.

1. Hi Francesco, how are you?

F : Hello! I’m fine thanks, i’m now selecting some vinyls for my gig, next weekend with Chez Damier and I want to keep up with him!

2. Could you tell the people who aren’t so familiar with you, the thing that best describes you when djing?

F : We all have our own music experiences, the most important thing is to make and/or play quality music…no cheesy music! I always tried to do my best and to find the best adjustment between my music and the crowd every night, they will be the ones to judge!

3. Can you give us some details about the beginning of your career ?

F : I started to buy records 15 years ago, and my listenings were artists like Plastikman, Studio 1, Concept, Profan, Ecc. Without knowing to much about those artists, mainly because it was very difficult to stay tuned with them. Internet was not expanded yet, and for me it was quite hard to learn about my favorite artists. These records delineate myself while time passed by and now it’s  cool to re-browse, re-discover and play again some of these “pearls”. Anyway, after years and years collecting vinyls I began to play in some important italian clubs like Cocoricò, Echoes, Cassero, Maffia, The Base, Kinky, Folies De Pigalle and many more. In 2011 I was fully focused on my new project called Norules, that i want to look towards my own idea of “club”. Born in 2010 with great results, this party began soon to be a monthly night, where with my dear friends i suggest my vision of music.

4. How much time passed before you knew that you feel something special for music and your first bought vinyl record?

F : Sincerely after 15 years of experience and experimentation i can say that in the last 3 years, i’ve found my dimension and i think i will continue to deepen to this in the future.

5. Name the best dj, producer and new-commer of 2011?

Zip, A:rpia:r, Ricardo Vilallobos and the promising Vlad Caia and Dan Andrei. I think we will hear more of them, the next years, in the underground scene.

6.Tell us a bit more about your future plans?

F : There are many projects. First of all i would like to do have an experience abroad and to fully involve myself in producing tracks. Nowadays it’s the only way to be able to play, and then if i succeed i want to find stability one day. I would like to have a family of my own with someone i have already met.

7. Besides electronic music artists is there any artist/band which inspires you?

F : Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Soft Sell, New Order, Underworld.

8. How do you spend your free time?

F : I spend my free time searching unknown and rare records on the web or in small scattered shops around italy, always with same excitement.

9.Favorite mediteranean food ?

F : Pizza.

10. Thank you very much Francesco!

F : Thanks for the support!

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