Fumiya Tanaka to release “20th” EP on Torema Records

Fumiya Tanaka releases his latest EP in collaboration with Torema Records under the name of 20th and it contains two tracks: 1999 on side A and Do op to far on side B. 20th will be soon available, most likely this month, so be ready to celebrate twenty years of Torema Records in a notable way.

Torema Records is one of the labels founded by the veteran Tanaka himself. With an experience of more than 15 years, Fumiya Tanaka is a truly techno pioneer all around the globe and has always promoted his minimal-infused marathon sets.

What makes this release so special is the fact that the two tracks were written by the legendary Tanaka back in 1999 and played very few times since then. 1999 and  Do op to far weren’t released before, so we all have the amazing opportunity to listen to what actually means the beginning of a road strewn with success. For complete excitement, this release includes a bonus sampler with tracks of the 90’s that have been released on Torema Records.

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