Fumiya Tanaka to release “Dark Pad” EP on Perlon

Fumiya Tanaka, one of the most appreciated DJs and producers of the last decade surprises us once again! His latest LP – Dark Pad consists in four tracks in the format of a vinyl doublepack that will be released on the 3rd of December on the Perlon label. What a perfect present for this Christmas!

The four tracks – Dark Pad, Deni 431 C, Deep Columbia and Thank you are full of symbols for his fans. Fumiya Tanaka’s latest released tracks are a way to express all his ideas and reviews of the sounds he likes to share with his audience. Through the last track of this LP Tanaka thanks his fans in a certain way for being next to him in his long running career.

Focused on minimal techno as we all know him, Fumiya Tanaka is an always on top artist who will never stop delighting us with his deep grooves.   We have all enjoyed every single release so far and Dark Pad will definitely be no exception.

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