Funk E, Live at Guesthouse

Travel back to the beginning of the year 2000 when a young Laurence Gavril was a rapper by the name of Funkmaster General performing in a hip hop group named ‘The Dream Team’. Then fast forward to 2002 and the Funkmaster General had already immersed himself in the art of the vinyl format soon after discovering the world of underground dance music. Gone were the rap tones Funkmaster General was well known for and in was his new found desire of house, minimal and techno. Funkmaster General was over. Funk E was born.

Things are pretty simple when it comes to music for Funk E, quite simply he loves what he does and people are the ones who inspire him the most. Currently with the experience he has gained, the raw passion he has for music and the touching high peaks he has already given to many, Funk E is now stepping up with production on All Inn, Desolat X, Tabat Records and the hotly anticipated Channel Zoo.

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