G76, Nightclubber Sideways 006

It’s time for a new episode from our experimental mix series entitled Nightclubber Sideways. This one is a bit more special to us, because it comes from our own, young and talented friend G76. It’s hard to express in words the whole idea about the mix he recorder for Nightclubber, that’s why we asked him to quote some words about him under the G76 moniker. 

“It`s been 7-8 months since WW2 became an obsession of mine. What caught my attention was not the actual war and fights that took place at that time, but the German technology, the mystery surrounding the Reich’s paranormal research efforts and the Nazi obsession with the occult. I am not pro-Nazi or anything and I don`t identify with the horrors that happened, but I am truly fascinated about everything else.

I feel really inspired by the impact all these things had upon the world, the black hole and emptiness left in history by what has happened in those dark times.

For quite a long time now I’ve been a fan of the rock band Meshuggah – the band you can hardly make a cover of. They are notorious for their absolutely amazing technique and implementation of mathematics into their music. This aspect is only noticeable to musicians or, in my case, being an avid listener of rock music. All these things had such great impact on where I draw my inspiration from.

I like to think that the music I’ve been producing over the last 6 months is not as abstract as the stuff I was doing 2 years ago. I tried keeping my ideas and style, but I am always striving to add more vibe and groove to my productions.

I could talk a lot more about my music, but regarding this set… not really much to add. It is built mainly from a selection of my own tracks, tracks produced by friends of mine and some other stuff I came across recently.”

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