Getic Funk – 002 EP CZR002 Review

Although lesser known under the Getic Funk moniker, the Romanian trio of Xandru, Piticu and Funk E are making quite the name for themselves as they release their debut 12″, titled 002 EP, on Channel Zoo Recordings.

A1 ma’the’matrix is a house bomb that delivers in all the right places with groovy 909 hi hats alternated with a suit of shakers and heavy throbbing sub bass. Part of the beauty of this track are a set of well timed snares that hit just right with the rest of the elements. Following is A2 fi’zics broken beat which is dominated by a heavy kick and this displays some melodics in the form of a muted pad that plays in the backround around the middle and end of the track. Following a slightly different path is B side che’mistry, a techno rumbler for the peak time. It’s beat is 4/4 but there something very interesting about how those kicks hit out of sync, helping the track gain some shuffle. Once more, the heavy bass is quite skillfully crafted to have maximum punch and depth of sub frequency. There nothing eclectic about this record but it has a certain energy that just makes you want to get up and dance. It presents a mixture of flavors and combination of skills that sort of takes you back to quality rhythms from the old school days, but refreshes with unique elements throughout. It honestly put a smile on my face.

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