Giovanni Verrina and Germano Ventura to release “La Terra Trema”

One of the most interesting Italian duos of the underground music – Giovanni Verrina and Germano Ventura releases on the 18th of December an album of three vinyl discs under the name of La Terra Trema. The triple vinyl disc is released on the All Inn Black label.

The tracks are full of an energy that arouses all of your senses and we have to warn you that it is contagious! The illusion of an Italian underground techno dream is revelead through these fascinating tracks:

A1: Intro

A2: Carica Eroica

B1: Cronache Di Poveri Amanti

B2: Plastica Liquida

C1: Una Giornata Particolare

C2: Gli Sbandati

D1: Riso Amaro

D2: La Terra Trema

E1: Ossessione

E2: La Nave Bianca

F1: Quattro Passi Tra Le Nuvole

F2: Facce Di Gesso

Passionate about electronic music, Giovanni Verrina is one of the founders of  All Inn Records and he is considered the master of experimental music. His experience can be seen in his soft but and the same time cutting-edge sounds. Germano Ventura is an Italian DJ and producer who performed so far in some of the best clubs from Rome and has shared the DJ deck with many international artists. His precision is hard to describe in simple words. Once you have listened to these two DJs you won’t be able to forget them anymore.

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