Giovanni Verrina, Nightclubber Podcast 94

Music can’t be explained, as it should be chosen with our hearts. The passion for experimental is thus the passion for the utter enjoyment of life. Giovanni Verrina knows that best and, as an Italian artist based in Genoa, Liguria, he has a profound feel for the groovy yet soft sounds, for the dub and house to Detroit. The enthusiasm for the underground has driven Giovanni Verrina to the latest cutting-edge techno. Not surprisingly, one could say, as he has always been into computers and technology in general.

As for Giovanni Verrina’s music experiences, we call to mind ZeroDieci Club, his first residency, Guendalina, Magazzini Generali, Gama, Circolo degli illuminati, all these being in Italy. Europe knows him from Sonar, Cocoon, Kristal (Bucharest) and Arma17 (Moscow).

The time has now come for Giovanni Verrina to bring you the latest Nightclubber podcast episode. So, get a glimpse at his experimentally driven underground and tell us what you’ve felt.

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