Guy Gerber, Bill Patrick, Troy Pierce at Playa Verde, Bucharest 21 June 2013

Enjoy nature and music altogether at Playa Verde, in Bucharest. An impressive line-up will jazz things up, while the stylishly imagined garden will bring party people together. The atmosphere is not to be found anywhere else. All you have to do is take a cocktail, enjoy the pool, wander around the lake, meet new people, and listen to some great sets on a visual background to remember.

Talking about good music, Playa Verde hosts over eight artists in a single night, on the 21st of June 2013. Guy Gerber will be there to enchant our senses with emotional, contemplative vibes. Afterwards, deep psychedelic sounds are to be played by Troy Pierce and Bill Patrick. Our batteries will get recharged with minimal and techno streams of awesomeness, brought by Cezar, now backed by Kozo or Barac backed by CAP. And the list goes on.

Discover how parties should be like in Bucharest! Playa Verde is the perfect spot to do so. WeDance and your favorite artists wait for you on the 21st of June!

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