Haik, Nightclubber Sideways 009

Born in Bremerhaven in 1979, Haik (Florian Schirmacher) , grew up in a house where art and music was integrated into everyday life. He developed his art and music passions by singing in the choir, playing drums in the orchestra and daily piano practice.

He developed his music in bands like “Sari“, who had their first release 1996 on 33 Rpm Records, “Eutopia” and “Drum Spirit” until he had his first hit on the scene with the “Elastobabe” Single and “Pony Slay Station” Album on Perlon Records with the Pantytec Project.

His work for peace can be heard especially in his projects: Glowing Glisses, Here Today, Federleicht, Wareika, Hatikvah.

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