Halloween or Not… we party

With the first step that you take from the entrance, you can be sure that Bucharest is left behind, with things like time and the name you knew you had. “Halloween or Not… we party” is a chance that for one night, you can be whatever you want to be, exactly how you want it, in a special place that will surprise you and that will encourage you to rediscover the real fun. This is the moment when the past and future, the classic and modern, the conformism and nonconformity merge!

If you imagine that you will step right in to the heart of the party, well, you were wrong. Lollipop prepared a special Halloween environment that guides you to The Laboratory, in the basement of Bragadiru Palace, a mad scientist lab cut out of a horror movie. This place will surely remind you of the laboratory where Frankenstein was created, but unlike him, our party will be a fortunate experiment.
Once you arrived in The Laboratory, you’ll stand before the Halloween Or Not… We Party room, where, like some skilled scientists of house music, will create a mad vibe K-nto, All Wheels Drive House and the special guest, “Doctor” Chez Damier.

In the anniversary room, in another décor, Mauss, Ovidiu Andrei and Herodot will be spinning the decks.You will be surprised to see what kind of people you meet on the way and who will serve you at the bar. We will be wondering if it’s real or not.

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