Hisham released Synesthésie Générale EP on newborn label Udopiya Dusk & Dawn

Thumbs up for Hisham’s latest release on the fresh record label Udopiya Dusk & Dawn! Released at the beginning of June, Synesthésie Générale EP offers relentless energy that invades your soul and challenges you to become one with the funky vibes.

Delivered with calligraphy paintings and including four tracks, on Side A – Joy and Blue and on Side B – Aqualung and Melanoman, the Synesthésie Générale EP shows the real vibes of tech house and introduces us into the world of dreamlike basslines and hypnotic drum touches. Fans will be pleasantly surprised by Hisham’s dedication and talent.

This is Udopiya Dusk & Dawn’s first release but we are sure that their future releases will make you wanna more and more of what they’ve got. We are really looking forward to as many successful releases as possible and we keep our fingers crossed for Udopiya Dusk & Dawn, because they totally worth all of our appreciation!

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