Holdie Gawn – “Holdie Gawn” EP

Artist and producer Holdie Gawn set out to create a thick, layered and intricate sonic landscape on newly released project “Yborg”.

The song showcases a very beat-centric approach to composition, as the drum machine sounds feel gritty and instinctive. On one hand, the arrangement feels refreshingly minimal and understated, while on the other hand, the song feels rich, textural and ethereal, as if the rhythm concept that is so commonly associated with genres such as tech house and minimal were to flirt briefly with shades of ambient, glitch or shoegaze, just to mention a few of the diverse influences that appear within the track.

The b-side of the record, “T&T, also hits the mark with incredible texture that make for a very tangible quality to the sound. The depth of the beats and the presence of the melodies could almost touch the listener, in a physical manner!

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