Hostom 003 Review

Hostom is a record label with a truly unique approach. The artists who contribute to the music are always kept secret, so the listener can focus on the main thing: the actual artistry of the sound.

This release is labeled as “Hostom 003”, and it features a truly unique approach to minimal and tech house vibes. The two tracks featured within this record feature simple, yet engaging melodies, as well as production aesthetics with a strong “old school” flavour.

The beats feel dense and deep, and the lush atmospherics saturate the sound beautifully. The production follows along the lines of the old school of the genre: the sound is saturated, yet lush and deep, adding to a “human element” and a very natural feel that is often missing within modern techno productions.

Listening to these tracks via the web feels great: I can only imagine how they would come alive on wax, when you have the chance to listen to them on a vinyl record. These two tracks unfold steadily, but rather gently, getting more and more textural and depth as they go along: the spare beat and minimalist melodies gradually gain momentum and add lots of movement and energy to the compositions.

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