Informal Launch Party – Cristi Cons, Alsi, MP & Melodee at Basm – 25th of May

Is there something better than a relaxing morning till night party? Well, it is! A summer party at Basm, in Bucharest, on a sunny day and with a great set up. Have a fairy tale like Friday on the 25th of May, from 7 am till 11 pm in a sophisticated location you will grow to like.

An informal daytime launch party awaits you to enjoy the dynamics of dub and experimentally felt tracks of Cristi Cons. In addition to that, ALSI, or Alex and Silviu, a b2b successful partnership, will join the Basm party to bring a glimpse of the good old days. MP and Melodee complete the picture with several other great sounds. Moreover, as we all enjoy garden parties, Basm will spring surprises on us all day long.

So, transform this weekend into an indulgence, because the little pleasures in life are mixes of great locations and good music, and by that we mean Basm, Bucharest and the mentioned set up.

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