Inner, Zona Partyspace 20.04.2012


Inner‘s sets were always enjoyed by us, we always felt he understands where to take you and we invited Inner to feature a Nightclubber Podcast episode just a while ago. His latest studio material Equalia EP is still forthcoming with the release date 04 June 2012, signed for the Strictly Chosen / Neo Strictly label.

Inner‘s sound is organic, with dark and gloomy  influences. The complicated basslines with tunneling hypnotic effect bring the inner ambience of a good techno track. He played with the heavy Djs from our country to name a few: RhadooPedroRareshCezarPrasleaCristi ConsVlad CaiaNoiDoi. For the near future, upcoming release with five of his tracks,  a good reason that promises to make us hear more about him as an artist.

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