Ion Ludwig, Nightclubber Podcast 66

For most people Monday means starting a new week with lots of work, traffic and high temperatures. So we decided that it would be nice to bring a little smile and present our latest podcast, the first ever podcast from this artist, featuring the talented dutch dj and producer Ion Ludwig.

Dutch born Ion Ludwig ( aka Koos Ludwig) is based in Deventer, the Netherlands for 2 years now. The developement of his sound, label Quagmire LTD and studio started in Berlin, back in 2006.

The three and a half years in Berlin shaped his sounds under influences of living legends Villalobos, Zip and Johnson. His sound developed towards a hybrid of minimal, jazz, house and techno. Aiming for a intriguing and mysterious sound in  his early years, his style moved towards the ‘universal’ dancefloor recent years, while stripping down arrangements and mixes more to the essence of tracks.

In 2011 Ludwig released 5 12″ inches on Meander, Be Chosen, Trelik and Tenth Circle, reaching compilation series for Cocoon and the recordbags of those same living legends for over six years now.
Always keeping a low profile the last years, even though his discography is exceeding over 20 ep’s, 2 albums and a dozen remixes and digital releases.

Ludwig’s planning a highly excentric album under a new monniker on the new label, HENK records this fall. “Tone Bardo Therapy” will bring you guitars, vocals, broken slowmotion and indie-pop-vibes. With this a newly future direction has emerged, Ludwig produces music and sound for branding and advertisment, as well as tv series and film. Ion Ludwig marked this start last year with his music used for the short Dutch
film “Pottenkijkers“.

Beside that the launch Ugold Series (in cooperation with DD Distribution Berlin), a brand new conceptual label is planned this summer, where the game continues to aim for the deeper meaning of club music inviting a few of  the deepest, lowprofile underground housecharacters for outstanding EP’s and remixes.

 More info here.

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