Jack Meets Vera, Makam, Cezar at Gibus Club on 16th March

On 16th March, Jack is going to meet three famous artists, all associated with labels with a very high qualitative standard. For the occasion, the legendary Gibus, which has seen some of the wildest techno parties in Paris, is brought up to date and will be the scene of the coming war.

Vera (Perlon) stands for sophisticated, deep, electronic dance music, somewhere between house and techno. She has started to work on her own definition of house music – bridging classic house with new influences.

A “Makam“, more than simply a selection of notes and intervals, is essentially a guide to compositional structure: any composition in a given makam will move through the notes of that makam in a more or less ordered way (in this, it resembles a tone row à la Schoenberg or Webebr.

Cezar is one of the leading “new kids on the block”. His cutting edge sets are both seminal and energetic, the boundry between new and old, minimal techo or house is determined only by the vibe he finds “out there”.

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