Jan Golly, Nightclubber Podcast 132

In 2010, Jan Golly was initially devoted to Drum ‘n’ Bass but he became noticeably more drawn to House and Techno. What remained and even became more intense was the enjoyment of playing records. By mid-year, the native of Heidelberg, Germany was playing records with nothing other than the sound of this genre, and within a very short period of time he was playing at major events and at one location after another in Heidelberg and areas all over Germany: Ritter Butzke in Berlin, Unter Tage in Koblenz, Finca in Stuttgart, halle02 in Heidelberg and countless open airs are just a few of the stations that are indicative of his omnipresence. The year 2012 marks the most important step to date: Jan Golly went mono meaning that he joined the party line up and booking roster.

Whenever the young artist approaches the decks, the crowd is usually on its head very quickly. Jan Golly resists being cubbyholed into a particular style and instead plays records he likes with influences from the harder side of Romanian Techno, House with rich Soul tones, Garage, Drum ‘n’ Bass and vibrant sounds and blends them to a perfect beat when he structures his sets. Variety is the name of the game and he is only satisfied when the audience is going full tilt and the last behind is on the dance floor.
At almost exactly the same time as his mono debut in August 2012, Jan released his first own production with lifetime records. At the end of 2014 he became a resident DJ in the Nightclub „Parker Lewis“ in Mannheim and since then he played nearly every weekend, not only in Germany. In 2015, he also produced a lot own tracks which going to be released soon. His biggest step since now was his debut in Bucharest, Romania when he was invited to play at Club EDEN and also his monthly Clubnight at the Club Parker Lewis in Mannheim called „Scope“.

Our 132th podcast episode is a 2 hour cut from the performance Jan Golly had at Parker Lewis on 8.12.2015.

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