Jay Haze latest ep on Leftroom

Jay Haze is one of the most respected figures in electronic music culture. With a diverse back catalogue of sounds that reflect an artist with boundless ideas and a global mentality, here Mr. Haze bestows a dynamic duo of cuts on Leftroom Records - from the epic disco funk of the a-side to a head-spinning slice of experimental jazz wizardry on the flip

The Afro-Latin influences in ‘Datafunk In Your Ears‘ shine through with the immediate tribal chorus that is juxtaposed with a stomping synth-laden, funk-ridden groove and acid bassline. Coming in at an epic twelve minutes, ‘Datafunk In Your Ears‘ is set to entrance the party crowd at peak time with its spiraling odyssey of disco funk magic and is alreadygetting hammered by the likes of Matt Tolfrey and the Visionquest crew.

The improvised flow, discordant horns and rumbling bass drum of B-side ‘Jazzy Head Tool‘ is a derailing experience as Jay continues to push the boundaries of his musical style. Reflecting his open ears and open mind, Jay is challenging expectations here but also paying tribute to experimental jazz and funk ‘greats’ such as Arthur Russell. As ‘Jazzy Head Tool‘ progresses, subtle shades of tension and drama rise out of the madness as delicate strings, sporadic keys, deep robotic voices and broken beats fight it out in their own refined orchestral battle.

The ep was released in october and is already available on all major providers.

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