Jay Haze, Nightclubber Podcast 71

Jay Haze is the name behind a number of aliases and projects – Fuckpony, Sub Version, The Architect – these are just a few of the guises he uses when fighting his guerilla war against mediocrity on a daily basis. Born in Pennsylvania, Haze has been living in Berlin since the early 00s, in which time he has released records and remixes on some of the hottest dance music labels of the decade: Playhouse, Kitty-Yo, Cocoon, Get Physical, Soma, Karloff, Musik Krause, and Underline.

Haze’s production career began in 1999 on the house-oriented TuningSpork. By 2004 Haze was fully situated in Berlin and shared a studio with Ricardo Villalobos, leading to their collaboration on a pair of Contexterrior 12”s, all while TuningSpork was becoming one of the major league labels.

Known not just as a producer, Jay has improved his DJ sensibility to an unthinkable degree, wowing crowds across the world, most recently South America, Asia, and Australia. He has also established residencies at London’s world-famous Fabric, Tenax in Florence, and Monza in Ibiza.

Actually it’s really hard to summarize Jay Haze in a few senteces, what we do know is that it’s a real pleasure to feature him for our 71th edition of Nightclubber Podcast, a podcast that will surely come as breath of fresh air: a symbiosis of beats, psychedelic vocals and positive energy.

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