João Maria, Nightclubber Podcast 44

Along the pass few years Joao Maria (Assemble Music/Pluie/Noir), has already shared the booth with DJs and Producers as Zip, Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Matthias Tanzmann, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts, Dorian Paic, Vera, Daze Maxim and Jan Krueger.

Joao Maria’s big goal for 2012 will be accomplished this month with the release of the first EP for “Assemble Music”, the label he has founded in 2011 with his friend and also DJ, Miguel Neto. This will be a “Vinyl Only” Label and already a promising one as you can check on the “Diamonds and Pearls” web page about this Dorian Paic – Exited EP, where you can read:

“Lisbon’s vinyl-only Assemble Music isn’t messing around. Though the three tracks on this debut release from Dorian Paic each take aim at strikingly distinct dancefloors (London–Frankfurt–Berlin), they are unified by a credo of fine production values, functional savvy and a no-nonsense imperative to move. (…). With the EP as a whole it’s a case of on your marks, get set and let go – giving Assemble some serious momentum for its forthcoming schedule.”

More info here.

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