Kaitaro “Lost & Found” EP on Handcrafted Label

KaiĀ (aka Kaitaro Nakaima) started producing his own tracks in 2004 and ever since he is concentrating on live gigs and track production.

Kai‘s latest release is Lost & Found from Handcrafted Label.

The side A has two original productions from Kai, Faze 23 and Lost & Found, track that entitles the EP and that has been remixed by Peter Cvetkovic and Enzo Leep. Both of the remixes can be found on side B.

Lost & Found track starts with a challenging beat, it has a groovy feeling to it with a little bit of ambient on the side. The beats are aligned perfectly in order to take you to a funky trip powered by its angelic almost alien like sounds.

Faze 23 on the other side is more violent, almost like a sequel to the first track. A perfectly aligned chaos that gives you a certain confidence boost which will make you loose yourself to the beat.

Both of his tracks are typical to Kai, that raw minimal techno with comforting sounds attached to it.

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