Kane Roth, Nightclubber Podcast 35

With her artist name Kane Roth she appeared on the techno landscape in 2006 with a subtle release on Swiss techno Neopren Recordings, and ever since then, she’s been dipping her hand into the minimal basket to whip up a release, sporadically coming out with releases on techno powerhouse labels such as Canada’s Archipel, London’s Multi Vitamins, Belgium’s Lessizmore and Germany’s Smallroom Music.

Kane Roth is continually evolving as an artist, combining her wide range of infuences into  her own music, creating a unique personal sound, blending rich textures, melodies and intricate programming with dark bass and groove.Her music doesn’t shut out anyone.

Before letting you enjoy our latest Nightclubber Podcast, we invite you to find out more about our latest guest, Kane Roth, in the below interview.

1. Hello Sandrine, how are you ?

Very fine thank you!

2. How did you fell in love with electronic music ?

It happened naturally, I’ve been to a very nice party in 1990, Jeff Mills was playing there , I knew nothing about dj-ing, but what I saw and listened that day gave me the urge to buy my first pair of  turntables.
When I got my equipment I learned dj-ing by myself, I enjoyed a lot this new passion.

3. Can you give us some insight regarding your creation process ?

It depends on my mood, I can start a track with a specific idea, but there are no rules in my creativity, except the last months. I am focusing to create music not too dark, groovy and dance floor. I  force myself to do something different because I will be very bored to create the same music. I want  to develop my music in a new direction, it is always interesting for an artist to make some changes , it is instructive to think about how to develop your music and at the same time to enjoy this new direction.

4. There is sort of a cold war between analog and digital, what do you think is better ? Or what would be the perfect combination ?

I am not against digital or analog,  I played vinyl for 15 years but it is not a reason to be against digital, it is the evolution. The perfect combination is to play music with the equipment you feel comfortable with, whether it’s digital or anolog, it is only the result that counts.

5. Tell us a bit about your latest release ?

In 2011 i only released an ep on Klectik Records and 3 remixes, I did not accept a lot of requests because I took my time to work on new EP for news labels, actually two EP are coming soon. 2011 was the reflecting on change.

6. We know that “building” a release is slighty diferrent from an album, can we expect a Kane Roth album soon ?

Of course! You can expect to listen an album in the future, I am thinking about an interesting concept, and also the right label for this album.

7. What is your all time favourite gig ?

The Piknic Electronik ( Montreal ) was my best gig but I had also some great gigs a in the past in  beautifull places like : The Palais des PAPES (in France) also in the mountains, I played at 3200m for a snow contest , the view was magical, and I also enjoyed my gig at the Plux party in Hambourg this year.

8. What does Kane Roth do when she is not producing or dj-ing?

When I lived in France i was teaching dj-ing, I took care of my students i tried to find them some gigs for some of them, it was a pleasure to share my passion.

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