Kontrast invites ZIP – June 22, 2013

A new Kontrast party is around the corner and rumours have it that is going to be one of a lifetime. Wonder why? Well, the Belgium based party concept used us already with mind-blowing events and this time it shouldn’t be different. And it isn’t! On the 22nd of June 2013, from 22:00 till the morning comes, a mesmerizing party will take place at Forty Five, which is in Hasselt, Belgium.

Kontrast invites ZIP, the co-founder of Perlon, the pioneer of intellectually driven minimal sets, the vinyl enthusiasts of our times, all in all a distinguished artist with some history behind. Talking about it, Zip began his musical career in the band Second Voice, than he created the audio-visual project Pile. No need to talk anymore about Perlon label. Going back to Kontrast, you should also know that Pjay, Koen, Bart, Bruni & Wolters will be at Forty Five to reinvent the idea of a party.

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