Lee van Dowski Live @ Viva la Electronica 16 march 2011

Another great Live recording from 16 march 2011 wtih Cadentza’s artist Lee van Dowski. Lee’s DJ sets are similarly spirited. “Technically, I like to surprise myself,” he says. “I like to do a long, smooth mix, and then a radical one… It’s important for me to try telling a story, so of course your technique is another way of doing that, along with the music itself. With time and with age, maybe, the tempo really decreased—I think I play a bit deeper now than five or six years ago. But I still love a good, bouncy track if it’s not too aggressive, and if the energy serves the groove instead of breaking it.” Slowing down also means stretching out. “I like to play long sets,” he continues, “when you don’t have to rush, and you can really forget yourself and build something different.”

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