LEON, Nightclubber Podcast 40

We start the new year with an older acquaintance of ours, an artist that mesmerized us with his tunes back in 2010 when we had him as guest at one of our parties. We are talking about the italian dj and producer Leon. Although technically it’s not so long ago, we can say that a lot has changed since then but we will let you find out more about Leon in the below interview.

1. Hello Ruggero, how are you ?

Hi bro! I’m good, just came back home after a amazing experience in Mexico at BPM Festival, i played at two Viva Music parties with Steve Lawler, Lee Burridge, Nick Curly, Davide Squillace, Daniel Dubb at Playa del Carmen. Wow, was insane!

2. I know your are music lover, besides electronic music genre, can you name artists that inspired you before djing?

I have a lot of artists that inspired me from the 90’s till now!!! Djs like Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Steve Lawler, Ricardo Villalobos, Jeff Mills but also djs like Marco Carola and Loco Dice, they are playing very well! I’m an eclectic person, so i love to hear music from Led Zeppelin to Radiohead, from Daft Punk to Sigur Ors. Last year, 2011, was an amazing year for indie electronic music, i loved albums from artists like Modeselektor, James Blake, SBTRKT or Nicolas Jaar! GREAT!

3. Some time passed until we had the opportunity to speak but this didn’t stopped me to notice your ascension in such a short time. What can you summarize if look back for the last year and a half?

Surely the productions i’ve done have given me a lot of fame, “Like this, Like that” on Cecille and “Body Monster” on Saved Recordings were amazing last year, also the tour with Steve Lawler in America and Canada has been great and important for my growth.  My gigs at WMC, Sonar, Sunwaves and Robot Festival were amazing for my career! But now everything is focused on production, unfortunately, i was born as a DJ and then I became a producer, but I know that i must be in the studio every day to create tracks … otherwise I would be forgotten! It’s the law of the market! lol

4. The new year just started and i bet you already know some festivals and events that will follow.

Hehe! Yes, i’ve just came back from one of the most important festivals in the world, BPM in Mexico at Playa del Carmen, a lot of big artists played there with me, like Steve Lawler, Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, Jamie Jones and more. After this i will have a big gig in New York and WMC Miami in March!!!

5. Is it true that you finished the new awaited album coming out on VIVa MUSIC, then it would be great if you could share to your fans your opinion and feels about it?

Yes, the album is almost ready.  To work one year on a album for a artist is the most important thing to do. So i need time to prepare my best for it!!! Think it will have 11-12 tracks, some for the dancefloor, so my style and others more indie-electro with ambient pads and vocals. I wanna make a album for everybody, not only for djs. The album will be suitable for clubbers, for sunsets, for the car and darkness, so i hope it will be nice and i’m very happy to do my album for Viva Music, my second family. The album will be available on cd, digital and vinyl, which is very nice and important for me!

6. Let your fans know about your comming LEON documentary movie, i’m sure they are waiting to be released.

I made a documentary-film during my last performance at Robot Festival in Italy, one of the biggest electronic music events in Italy, 2 days with camera, videos, photos. A really cool experience but at the same time stressfull. The movie will be out at the end of this month i hope, you will find it on my Facebook fan page and some youtube channels for now.

7. It seems you never stop to be creative. There’s also a news related to an iPhone application which gives users the chance to explore your music. When it will be available?

Yes, the future is now! A friend of mine told me, some months ago, “Hey Leon, look at the future, you need a app for the Iphone with your everything! Wooo, cool idea”. So i’m making a Leon app for the iphone with all my things : gigs, soundcloud page, Facebook wall, pics, contact, press and more. It will be ready in 10 days, enjoy.

8. Ibiza isn’t new to you, how would you describe the whole phenomenon?

Ibiza is the best place in the world for electronic music and clubbers. I love the island, it’s always magic and hot. Locations like in the Wired, DC10, Amnesia, Space or Pacha. Wow! Also the private parties, afterhours, best music and djs in the world. I played in Ibiza a lot of times in the last couple of years in Space, Sankeys and some afterhours, but i think this year i will come in Ibiza for some months with friends and girlfriends because i need it!!!

9. Can you tell some impressions from the parties next to Marco Carola?

Marco is one of the best djs in the world, i respect him a lot as an artist and as a person, he is really professional and intelligent. The gig we had together was amazing, during last summer, sorry end of summer i think it was – September, and i remember playing at the afterhour until 11 in the morning! It was great! Now i’m very happy because i have the same personal booking manager as Marco, Luca Piccolo, from the italian Orbeat Bookings agency. So we have a lot of things come out, finger crossed!!!

10. What do you think about the new romanian producers ?

I always liked Romania, there are incredible festivals and a unique underground sound. The whole world knows your sound, thanks to [A:rpia:r], thanks to Sunrise, thanks to Sunwaves and The Mission. I like many djs and producers from Romania and also some new labels. I can’t wait to come back and play in Romania this year,i hope so!

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