Lessizmore 6 years anniversary release

Lessizmore has been putting on label nights at top clubs such as Fuse in Brussels, the Rex Club in Paris and the Arena at Berlin for over four years with invites extended to the rosters of M_nus, Hello?Repeat, Vakant, Alphahouse, Mobilee, Cynosure and Circus Company.

Lessizmore continue their 6th year celebrations of globetrotting revelry with an diverse selection of songs from some of their nearest and dearest regular participants. Things kick off with a smooth and sultry jazz number from the one and only Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts and their track titled “One Step Away From Weightlessness”. DeWalta cranks up the sweat induction machine with “Blue Horn Dub” on the flip, perfectly encapsulating the shuffling psychedelic house experiments which figure so highly on Lessizmore dancefloors. Not to be out done, Deadbeat’s “Arma Morning Dub” teases and twists from half time dreamy two-step into a powerful 909 wake-up call for all those still standing in the early hours at the legendary Moscow club from which the track takes it’s name.

More info here.

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