Shaun Soomro, Journey To Delirium EP incl. Marcellus Pittman remix

Recently interviewed by Nightclubber, Shaun Soomro will engage into a new adventure across Europe with the first release of the year by ‘Lick My Deck’ label, whose co-owner he is: LMD012. Featuring Journey To Delirium, an outstanding new creation of Shaun Soomro, and a superbly remixed fusion of awesome musicality by Detroit luminary Marcellus Pittman, the already international star of electronic beats and an iconic figure in the world of music enthusiasts around Detroit.

"Journey To Delirium rolls with an intense and infectious hook, floating synths mesmerize while galloping drums keep the pace exploring the conscious state of Delirium.

On the flip Theo Parrish's right hand man - Detroit luminary Marcellus Pittman takes things down a different route by providing a mind blowing remix. Lush Analog synths, dirty/raw bass lines and playful keys carries the passenger to a dream like state where the FXHE and 3 Chairs man takes you beyond the beyond !"

Shaun Soomro announced the release of the vinyl only Journey To Delirium for May this year. We are thus so close to the warmly depths of pure house Shaun Soomro has already enjoyed us with, that only a delirious state of mind could describe what clubbers around the world feel at this moment. A sound depiction of his international experiences indeed, the work of Shaun Soomro, labelled by ‘Lick My Deck’, will certainly turn into an instant success.

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